Warm Heart ~ Cold Feet

A comedy-drama set in contemporary London. Three women, Angela an art student in her 20’s, Susi a photographer in her thirties and Anna a housewife in her fifties, all have a fascination for Michaelangelo’s statue of David and three different body parts. 

Through funny and tragic twists of fate, the story reveals the three women’s dreams and ambitions and how they find their way to their chosen destinies. Each of them has to lose something to gain something, and each succeeds but not in the way they ever imagined.

This screenplay received £25K in development funding from private sources. Anthony Sloman and Goldcrest Films were involved in the development of the screenplay. Two years in we had a high calibre cast interested and we had a group of financiers ready to invest, however through some major knocks taken by the market the funding fell through twice.

Feature length screenplay available.